Ceramic Kitchen Canisters White

Aug 14th
Ceramic kitchen canisters come in all shapes and sizes. They are also made of various types of materials ranging from ceramics and glass to stainless steel and plastic. Most kitchens used for storing food tube. Some use it to store dry goods such as grains while others use it to materials such as flour, coffee, sugar and other cooking ingredients.…
Wood Flatware Organizer

Aug 5th
Flatware organizer - Trying to find your best knife or measuring spoons in a messy kitchen drawer is almost impossible if you've organized your utensils and knives. In general, you have three options to get your gear in order: to create an organized drawer or drawers, place them in the container on the counter or hang them on the wall.…
Modern DIY Kegerator

Jul 29th
DIY kegerator - A kegerator is a refrigerator that is created or modified to hold one or more kegs of draft beer. Far more advanced than a bucket full of ice, holding a kegerator a keg of beer on an even cool temperatures to the last drop, so you can store your beer for up to two months without losing…
Beverage Tub With Stand Wine

Jul 29th
Beverage Tub With Stand - If you have thought about a buffet type banquet or simply want to add a special touch to your wedding cocktail, why not have a corner with cold drinks on ice? It is more important than you think to keep the drinks in the hand of the guests during the party and are at the…
Vintage Bamboo Flatware

Jul 26th
Bamboo flatware - Perfect for celebrations, snacks in the field or informal invitations. With this dinnerware signature you offer your guests ' experience as natural as the bamboo used is ecological and extracted bamboo forests that are exploited under the criteria of environmental responsibility. As complements to the dishes of Bamboo Home we offer two items from the same manufacturer:…
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